Anonymous asked:

My family are Christians and always have been... Buts it's been so hard. I tried to convince myself I didn't like girls since I was 9 and what I was felling was wrong.. Because of that I've never liked that. And now 6 years later I realize I have a massive crush on this beautiful girl! I'm so confused and depressed I feel like I'm going to be rejected by my family. I honestly don't know if I can do this.. Between my psychosis and anxiety and depression I want to give up...

frilllyknickers answered:

Firstly, what you are feeling is in no way, shape or form considered ‘wrong’. What you feel is real and that is who you are.
It must be so tough but if your family don’t stand by you then you dont need them, you should only have positive, loving people around you who will support you and theres plenty of people out there that woukd stick by you. You just need to reach out and find them. You aren’t alone. I’m certain there’s many people in your shoes right now who feel completely alone, but they arent. All I can honestly suggest is, who ever you are closest to within the family home, tell them first. So when you get a positive response you will feel good about it, but dont tell people your feelings/sexuality as if its a negative thing cause its not. You cant help who you like. Tell them that you’re the same person you were 5 minutes ago before you had told them. You’re still the lovely, caring human being with feelings. Just try your best to avoid the negative-ness around it. Talk to people, talk to people on the internet, talk to people who are going through the same thing, join groups, watch advice vids on youtube etc. If people cant accept you for who you are then they arent worthy of your friendship at all. I know its ridiculously hard as its your family and its religion etc, like you cant force them to agree with it but they can still respect your decisions and appreciate the person you are. You just keep doing you and don’t give up. If you want people to accept you, then say it with confidence, be happy with yourself, your sexuality isn’t you, your sexuality is just a part of you. You may get some negative comments and a few people may not exactly agree with your choices but thats life. You cant just give up. You’re much stronger than that and if you think positive and treat your sexuality as a positive thing then others will see it in a positive light too.
I hope things go well for you my love, my ask box is always open if you need to vent or ask any advice in the future. You’re not alone in this at all! x